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MAPPs Reviewed During FY10 - 2nd Quarter

The following MAPPs were recommended for review by the University of Houston subject matter experts. The review period concluded and changes are currently being distributed for approval.  The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the changes that have been submitted.

MAPP Number and Name Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 02.02.01 - Family and Medical Leave Content of MAPP 02.02.01 was rewritten to reflect legislative changes including, but not limited to, the addition of Family Military Leave provisions. These changes were proposed by Human Resources. IV.C.2. - Policy changed from allowing HR 2 days to determine whether or not leave qualifies as FMLA, to allowing 5 days from receipt of all required documentation.
Response:  This change is in accordance with FMLA regulatory amendments as outlined on page 3 under “Employer Notice Obligations” of the following “
FMLA highlights” document.
MAPP 02.03.03 - Employee Orientation and Sign-up Section III.C of MAPP 02.03.03 was updated to remove reference to the paper employment eligibility form. Addendum A was also removed. These changes were proposed by Human Resources. I - Unnecessary to include faculty in the scope of the orientation requirements.  Statement could end with "...apply to regular staff employees."
Response:  Sentence updated to read: "The orientation requirements defined in this MAPP apply to regular staff employees; however, faculty members may attend if they are not able to participate in a faculty orientation."
MAPP 02.04.01 - Employee Grievances Definitions were added for "HR representative," "grievable action," and "appeal panel" in MAPP 02.04.01. The informal grievance process must be initiated by the employee. The HR representative was assigned responsibility for determining whether or not to proceed with a formal grievance based on the information provided by the employee. The process was adjusted to require a written response from the supervisor in support of his/her action. Two potential processes were outlined in the formal procedures: HR mediation or an appeal panel. Each party may challenge one member of the panel. Cabinet officer action was removed from the policy. These changes were proposed by Human Resources. I, III.B. and III.C. - The 5-day time frame has been removed from Section I and Section III.B, but the last 2-3 lines of Section III.C still refers to some responsibilities within a 5-day time frame. This seems inconsistent.
Response: Reference to the 5-day time frame has been added to Section III.B.

III.C. and III.D. - Provide greater clarity/guidance in the phrases "as soon as possible” and  “reasonable time period." For situation-dependent flexibility HR reps could provide appropriate guidance to the employee or manager regarding this timing. But that needs to be stated. Or the acceptable reasons for “as soon as possible” being longer than 5 or 10 working days could be discussed.
Response: The statements in question were replaced with "five (5) working days."

IV.B. - "A form sent via U.S. Postal mail must be postmarked no later than the fifth working day after the grievable action." Originally, in Section IV.A.1, it stated "Within 5 working days following conclusion of the informal grievance, the employee completes a written…." The timing as stated in the deleted Section IV.A.1 makes more sense, because if the informal grievance can’t be heard until the 5th day after the occurrence, they have to submit the formal grievance on the same day.
Response: In the instance that a supervisor refuses to meet with the employee for the Informal Grievance until the last minute, HR will work with the employee, but for purposes of drafting the policy, explicit deadlines are necessary.
MAPP 02.04.05 - Termination Clearance The definitions of "benefits eligible employees" and " exempt student assistants" were removed from MAPP 02.04.05, and the definition of "termination checklist" was added. Addendum A was also removed, as it is available on the HR website. These changes were proposed by Human Resources. III - Include the exit interview process.
Response:  The exit survey is currently being redesigned and restructured, so that the information can be filtered and reported to the various departments. This update will be reflected in the online material which the policy points to, but not in the policy itself.
MAPP 02.06.02 - Staff Tuition Scholarship A minimum enrollment of 3 credit hours was included in MAPP 02.06.02 for staff tuition scholarship eligibility. Section IV.F was also added, requiring recipients to maintain a 2.00 GPA. If the GPA falls below 2.00, the employee would not be eligible for the scholarship for at least one long semester. These changes were proposed by Staff Council. IV.B. - Expand eligibility.
Response: Funds initiated to provide staff access and support to pursue higher education. Due to limited funding, expanding eligibility is not recommended.  If more funding becomes available in the future, eligibility requirements may be reconsidered.
MAPP 03.01.04 - Fleet Management Plan Wording was updated throughout MAPP 03.01.04. The definition of "field employee" was removed and the definitions of "auto shop supervisor," "cap," "fleet coordinator," "pool vehicle" and "vehicle operator" were added. Section VI was added to outline operator rules of conduct, and Section VII was added to require and provide procedures for vehicle use reports, which must be submitted no later than the 5th day of the following month. The Driver Authorization section was updated to require operators to report traffic citations to their supervisor. An operator is also required to notify their supervisor if they have lost their license, which may result in termination if the employee's position requires a valid license. The clause that established operator responsibility of citations issued in university vehicles was removed. Heavy-duty vehicle operators must maintain a commercial driver's license and abide by the federal Drug and Alcohol Testing program. Departments must arrange for insurance coverage on all leased or rented vehicles. Short-term leases were removed from exemption. Forms replaced many instances where a written request was previously indicated for ease of use. These changes were proposed by Fleet Management. Update: Applied revised MAPP template and added new revision log. Responsible party was changed to Executive Director of Facilities Management. Review period changed to every three years on or before March 1st. Removed Index terms.
MAPP 04.04.01A - Contracting - General

Click here to view a clean draft of the above.

MAPP 04.04.01A was rewritten to align it with current legislation and Board policy. The procedures were also changed throughout to reflect current practices. The policy was reassigned to Legal Affairs and a definitions section was added. Contracts must be fully executed prior to payment, and any payments or reimbursements for contractor expenses must be authorized by the contract. The originating unit must notify Contract Administration of any concerns or suggestions in writing prior to contract submittal. Investment agreements no longer require Board approval per Board policy. Delegations of authority were removed, as this information is available on the Chancellor's website. These delegations may be further delegated with the submission of a Delegation of Authority Memorandum. All consulting services contracts must be reviewed and approved by Contract Administration, and a finding of fact that the services cannot be adequately performed by a state agency must be submitted. Revenue-generating contracts must be reviewed by Contract Administration so that they may coordinate with the Tax Department to ensure that adverse tax implications are not created. Reporting requirements regarding the use of non-resident bidders, information on the Texas Electronic Marketplace, and all addendums were removed. These changes were proposed by Contract Administration. IV.A.1. – Add that non-standard contract business terms must be approved by the appropriate VP.
Response: Changes applied.

IV.A.4. - Remove references to the P-Card, travel, and travel card MAPPs because they do not address contract payments.
Response: Changes applied.

IV.C.1. - Replace “the proper contracting office” with “Contract Administration.”
Response: Drafted generically since there are times when an amendment would not go to Contract Administration.

IV.D.2. - This section says that “all expense contracts” must be supported by a Recommendation for Award Form. What about revenue contracts or contracts that generate neither expense or revenue?
Response: Changes applied.

IV.E. - Which UH officials have “appropriate authority” to approve contracts that are greater than five years? Add “or extensions” to “renewals."
Response: Normally, Contract Administration makes that determination on a case-by-case basis. “Or extensions” added.

IV.C.2. and V.A.6. - These sections appear to be saying that as long as amendments on Board-approved contracts are less than $1 million per fiscal year, the Chancellor can approve the amendment without further Board approval.
Response: Correct; this follows Board Policy §55.01(F).

V.A.5. and V.A.6. - Add “expenditures totaling” before $1,000,000 to make these sections more clear that we should be looking at expenditures during a fiscal year instead of contract value to determine if Board approval is required.
Response: These provisions follow the current language in the Board policy. The concept is addressed in the current “expected to exceed” language.

V.B.1. - What does “submitted for processing” mean?
Response: Extra language has been deleted to make this more clear.

V.C.1 – Remove schematic designs from board presentation and add program as a requirement. Response: Changes applied.

VIII.B.3. - Remove “the appropriate contracting office and/or,”
Response: Changes applied.
Similar change was made in Section VIII.H.

VIII.D. - Establish prior approval of EVC for originating units to authorize entering into generating-revenue projects.
Response: Changes applied.

VIII.G. - Change “each president” to “the President” and later “presidents” to “President.”
Response: Changes applied.

IX.B.3. - Calendar quarter or fiscal quarter?
Response: Updated to refer to calendar year.
MAPP 05.04.06 - Bank Account Reconciliation The length of time that the bank manager has to reconcile bank accounts was extended to 30 days from the receipt of the statement in MAPP 05.04.06. A statement indicating that the bank manager will run reports from the finance system within one day from the closing of the books was removed. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance. After Approval Cycle and Posting: Office of the Treasurer added the word "account" to Page 2, Fifth paragraph. "Treasury has electronic access to certain bank account data ..."

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to the University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures documentation, go to

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