SAMs Rescinded in Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2015

The following System Administrative Memorandum was rescinded by the Chancellor as official system policy during Quarter 3 (December 2014, and January and February, 2015), Fiscal Year 2015:
AM Number and Name
SAM Number and Name
Date Rescinded
Reason for Rescission
SAM 07.A.05 - Federal Communications Commission
March 5, 2015
During a recent review of procedures by University Information Technology (UIT) and the Office of General Counsel, it was determined that SAM 07.A.05 is considered obsolete due to the following factors:
1) UHS does not have policies for other federal regulations that apply to UHS departments.
2) All UHS departments with equipment under FCC jurisdiction have hired third party companies specializing in FCC regulations to handle their applications and follow-up on FCC dealings as reflected in the active license search on the FCC site (15 in 2011).
3) The FCC regulations UHS is mandated to follow supersede the MAPP/SAM. So in essence, the policy is redundant for UHS departments.
4) No current regulatory requirement for this policy or the specific provisions in this policy can be found. Both the FAA and FCC websites have been reviewed to verify the lack of current regulatory requirements.
5) There is no currently implemented practice where the policy is being utilized/applied.
6) No other Texas university has been found to have an FCC policy (UT, A&M, Texas Tech, and Rice).

There are currently twenty-three (23) licenses listed for the University of Houston campuses/departments. Of these, 15 licenses are active, 6 are expired and 2 were previously terminated. All of the active licenses belong to UH Main Campus - there are no active licenses for any of the component campuses.

The rescinded documents are no longer available at the Official System Administrative Memoranda web site at

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