SAMs Rescinded in Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2011

The following System Administrative Memorandum was rescinded by the Chancellor as official system policy during Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2011:
AM Number and Name
SAM Number and Name
Rescission Date
Reason for Rescission
SAM 06.A.05 - Shortened
Format Courses
During a recent review of System policies by the Academic Affairs staff, it was determined that the University of Houston adheres to the contact hour requirements for traditionally-delivered courses as stated in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter A, Rule 4.6. Equally important, the emergence of educational technologies provides institutions with the opportunity to develop and deliver non-traditional instruction. There are separate documented rules in the Texas Administrative Code regulating the delivery of these courses. All Academic Affairs staff agree that SAM 06.A.05 is redundant.

The rescinded documents are no longer available at the Official System Administrative Memoranda web site at

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