SAMs Rescinded in Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2011

The following System Administrative Memorandum was rescinded by the Chancellor as official system policy During Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2011:
AM Number and Name
SAM Number and Name
Rescission Date
Reason for Rescission
SAM 03.A.15 - Expense Report Preparation
During a recent review of System policy by the component university financial reporting and budget staff and the Subject Matter Expert (SME), SAM 03.A.02, Entertainment Expenditure, was updated with the information currently contained in SAM 03.A.15. SAM 03.A.02 was approved as System Policy on December 1, 2010. SAM 03.A.15 is now considered to be out of date and obsolete, effective March 4, 2011.
SAM 07.B.01 - System Development Life-Cycle
During a recent review of System policies by the compoent University Information Technology (UIT) staff and the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), it was determined that Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 202, Information Security Standards, is a mandatory requirement for all state agencies. All system campus are already required to comply with TAC 202 at a campus level. UIT discussed SAM 07.B.01 with UH Internal Audit, and all parties agreed to the rescission of this system policy.

The rescinded documents are no longer available at the Official System Administrative Memoranda web site at

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