MAPPs Rescinded During Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2017

The following MAPPs were rescinded as official university policy by President Khator during Quarter 3 (March, April, and May, 2017), Fiscal Year 2017:
MAPP Number and Name
Rescission Date
Reason for Rescission
MAPP 07.03.02 - Business Continuity Planning April 28, 2017 During a recent review of procedures by the UH Police Department, the UH Campus Safety Department and their Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), MAPP 06.01.02, entitled Business Continuity Planning was updated and approved on April 12, 2017.
The housekeeping changes to MAPP 06.01.02 relocated the documentation into the Campus Safety area, specifically in the Emergency Preparedness area, which is easier for the user community to locate and implement. The documentation in MAPP 06.01.02 replaces MAPP 07.03.02.
MAPP 07.03.02 is considered obsolete due to the relocation, revision and approval of MAPP 06.01.02.

The rescinded documents are no longer available at the Official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures web site at




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