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SAMs Approved During Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2018:

The following System Administrative Memoranda were approved by Chancellor Khator as official system policies during Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2018 (December, 2017; January and February, 2018):

SAM Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
SAM 03.A.30 - Establishment of Bank Accounts
(New SAM)
December 5, 2017
This policy describes the authority and process for establishing a bank account within the University of Houston System, in addition to compliance with banking laws and Board of Regents policies.
New SAM 03.A.30 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2018 Review Cycle.

SAM 07.A.04 - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
December 15, 2017
Replaced submitting paper designation with submitting designation online in Section 4.1. Changed "CIO or component university designate" to "component university designated agent" throughout policy. Added requirement to Section 4.5 regarding reporting use of university networks for copyright infringement activities to affected user.
SAM 07.A.04 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2018 Review Cycle.

SAM 07.A.08 - Data Classification and Protection
December 15, 2017
Added research data in the definition of mission-critical information in Section 4.3. Included encryption of data at rest when technically and feasibly possible to Data Protection Requirements (Level 1) in Section 6.1.E.
SAM 07.A.08 was in the Quarter 1, FY 2018 Review Cycle.

The updated documents are available at the Official System Administrative Memoranda web site at http://www.uh.edu/af/universityservices/policies/sam/.

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