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SAMs Approved During Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2018:

The following System Administrative Memoranda were approved by Chancellor Khator as official system policies during Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2018 (September, October, and November, 2017):

SAM Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
SAM 03.F.02 - Endowment Management
September 8, 2017
Added exception to Section 3.11.1 for four endowments to receive same income beneficiary cost center assignment meet the terms of the endowment agreement for distribution of income. This modification was made per AR2017-16 from Internal Audit for the Office of the Treasury to modify the document to allow comingling of funds with income beneficiary cost centers for certain specific endowments.
SAM 03.F.02 was in the Quarter 3, FY 2017 Review Cycle.

The updated documents are available at the Official System Administrative Memoranda web site at http://www.uh.edu/af/universityservices/policies/sam/.

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