MAPPs Approved In Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2016

The following Manuals of Administrative Policies and Procedures were approved by the President as official university policy for Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2016 (March, April, and May, 2016):
MAPP Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
MAPP 01.01.01 - Administrative Policies and Procedures March 23, 2016 Added "Main Campus" units to Section I, and removed "University of System Administration" units. Changed Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance to Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text. Revised Section II.C on developing MAPPs outside of existing SAM documentation. Added electronic access to MAPPs in Section II.D. Added requirements for SME to use revision tracking in Section VI.B. Revised Section VI.C on "housekeeping changes," and included specific definition and process for these documents. Adding preliminary review of five working days in Section VI.D. Added specific UCC information in Section VI.E, including providing the UCC with a courtesy copy of any MAPP changes after the Executive Review cycle is completed in Section VI.E.6, and removing requirement to provide the UCC with a finalized copy. Added the definition of Executive Review committee in Section VI.E.4. Documented information regarding the Board of Regents' and federal/state law changes to policies in Section VI.F, and added the requirement of providing a courtesy copy to the UCC for informational purposes for any document changed by these specified methods. Updated the Interim process in Section VI.G, with the requirement to submit the Interim document during the next review cycle or as soon as practicable. Added Note and Section IX.B on process for rescinding MAPPs. Added link to MAPP 01.01.02 on UCC process to Section XII, References.
MAPP 01.01.01 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 02.02.03 - Leaves of Absence April 8, 2016 Added process for Absence Request/Notification in PASS throughout procedure as applicable. Removed information in Section V that absence requests cannot be used across multiple payroll periods. Added Administrative Leave With Pay Form to Section VI.D. Added requirement to upload a copy of the jury summons in PASS to Section VI.G. Also added requirement to upload copy of training meeting or notice in PASS for volunteer firefighter leave in
Section VI.J. Changed references of SAM 02.D.03 and SAM 02.D.05 to SAM 02.D.04 in applicable areas of documentation. Removed all information regarding Military Leave in Section VIII.D, and replaced it with reference to documentation located in SAM 02.D.04. Removed SAM 02.D.05 from Section XII.

MAPP 02.02.03 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 02.02.04 - Administrative Leave With Pay April 8, 2016 Removed memorandum process in Section II,
Section IV.C, Section IV.E, and Section IV.H, and replaced it with the Administrative Leave With Pay Form. Corrected from "leave request" to "absence request" throughout text. Included "or designee" in Sections IV.D, IV.E, and IV.H. Added information on PASS in Sections IV.C, IV.F, and IV.H. Added
SAM 02.D.04 and Administrative Leave With Pay Form links in Section VII.

MAPP 02.02.04 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 02.04.07 - Ethical Conduct of University Employees April 1, 2016 Proposed changes were made to comply with Senate Bill 20 of the 2015 Texas Legislature, which requires universities to add or include particular ethical provisions in their policies, and these redlines are in line with Board of Regents policies. Removed "immediate" from "family" throughout text, specifically in Section I and Section II.G. Revised Section II.G definition of "family." Removed Section II.I on "significant Financial Interest." Removed Section III.B, and reordered Board of Regents Policies in new Section III.B. Added conflict of commitment to Section IV, along with employee's family or any other conduct prohibited by Board Policy 57.08. Updated title to Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance in Section 5. Added text in Section VI.B to discuss various manners of reporting suspected ethics violations. Changed the reporting of ethics violations to the university Ethics Coordinator, which is the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel or designee in Section VI.C. Removed Sections VI.D, VI.G, and VI.J. Recommendations and/or report is given to the Ethics Coordinator and the Chief Audit Executive in Section VI.F. Removed recommendation to be put in writing and signed by dean or director, responsible vice president, and Human Resources in Section VII. Changed the responsible party from Executive Director of Human Resources to Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel. Replaced all references in Section XI to current references. Updated all links in document as appropriate. Updated Addendum A with current documentation in Board of Regents Policy 57.08, updated on November 19, 2015.
MAPP 02.04.07 was in the Quarter 3, FY 2016 review cycle, and followed guidelines for approval per
MAPP 01.01.01, Section VI.F on legislative changes.

MAPP 02.06.01 - Staff Training and Development April 8, 2016 Removed information in Section III.C.5 regarding other educational and training opportunities on UH Campus, and added information regarding additional or extra service activities for the university subject to supervisory approval.
MAPP 02.06.01 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 03.01.04 - Fleet Management Plan May 27, 2016 Changed Fleet Coordinator to Fleet Manager throughout text. Added Department Vehicle Custodian definition to Section III.F. Added Fleet Custodian to process in Section IV.B.6. Added Section IV.B.11 on State Vehicle Inspection reporting and Section IV.B.12 on overseeing all bulk fueling facilities on the university campus. Added Section IV.C.3 on university vehicles being maintained by the University Vehicle Maintenance Shop. Added requirement for using seat belts in utilities carts in Section IV.E.2. Added information on reviewing reports in Section VII.D. Changed name and web site location for EHLS in Section IX.B. Added lease and rental of 15-passenger vans for university business is prohibited in
Section IX.C. Added University Police Department (Patrol, Investigations/Administration, and Security) to State Fleet Replacement Goals chart in Section X.H. Also changed replacement miles for all vehicle types for the State Fleet Replacement Goals. Changed responsible party from Executive Director, Facilities Management to Director, Central Facility Services and Associate Vice President for Facilities and Construction Management.

MAPP 03.01.04 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.01.01 - Cash Handling May 27, 2016 Updated reference to SAM 08.A.03 in Section I. Changed Student Financial Services (SFS) to Student Business Services (SBS) throughout text. Added background check for cash handling or fund custodial responsibilities positions in Section IV.B. Revised Section IV.J to indicate Non-Sufficient Checks to be designated by the department as Accounts
Receivable - Returned Checks. Added remove check deposit access and use as guideline for departmental deposit procedure. Revised title as Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance in Sections VI and VIII.

MAPP 05.01.01 was in the Quarter 3, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 05.04.02 - Reconciliation of General Ledger Cost Center Balances May 27, 2016 Added inactive condition information to Section III.H for cost centers to have no open or soft commitments, and the original budget (base budget) must be zero.
MAPP 05.04.02 was in the Quarter 3, FY 2016 review cycle.

MAPP 07.03.02 - Business Continuity Planning March 23, 2016 Contents have been rewritten to reflect the current business continuity planning process. MAPP has been renumbered to move into the Public Safety area, from 01.03.03 to 07.03.02.
MAPP 07.03.02 was in the Quarter 2, FY 2016 review cycle.

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