MAPPs Approved In Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2015

The following Manuals of Administrative Policies and Procedures were approved by the President as official university policy for Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2015 (December 2014, January and February 2015):
MAPP Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
MAPP 13.01.01 (Interim) - Freedom of Expression February 13, 2015 Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. These changes are recommended because many of the “dropin expressive activity areas” on campus are under construction and/or unavailable. Additionally, the documented changes are an effort to further broaden the freedom of expression policy to provide even more First Amendment rights to individuals, while at the same time simplifying the policy to be easier to understand and enforce. Non-University affiliated individuals and groups will be treated the same as University affiliated groups in that the entire outdoor campus is an open campus for expressive activity (with of course the reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions we currently have in the policy). If an activity attracts an audience of 25 or more people and/or is blocking entrances/materially disrupting university business operations, the policy states that the University may require the group to move to a different area on campus that can accommodate the larger group or type of activity (the previous version of this policy stated that the University will move the group to one of the 13 drop-in expressive activity areas). In Section IV, Lynn Eusan Park can be reserved for a fee by nonuniversity affiliated individuals or groups. Overnight reservation of outdoor space is not allowed as documented in Section IV. The form used to reservations has been retitled Expressive Activity Description Form in Section IV and throughout the rest of the document. Added Section XII, References. Corrected titles for responsible party and approvals. Removed original Addendum A, Campus Map, and replaced with new Campus Map.
MAPP 13.01.01 (Interim) was in the Quarter 1, FY 2015 review cycle.

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