MAPPs Approved In Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2010

The following Manuals of Administrative Policies and Procedures were approved by the President as official university policy on August 3, 2010 for Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2010:

MAPP Number and Name
Date Approved
Summary of Changes
MAPP 01.02.01 - Business Administration
A statement was added to Section II.B.3 of MAPP 01.02.01 to define the reporting structure of the Administration & Finance's chief business administrator. The respective vice president and dean were also included with the EVP of Administration and Finance as those who develop performance goals and measures for all business administrators. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance and the Office of Academic Affairs.
MAPP 04.05.02 - Cougar Card
"Classification" replaced the term "status" in MAPP 04.05.02. Departmental contact information was removed, as this is readily available on the university website. The card replacement fee was reduced to $10. Position titles were corrected throughout. These changes were proposed by the Cougar Card Office.
MAPP 07.01.03 - Requesting
Special Event Security Services
The definitions of "OIC-SE" and "special event" were updated in MAPP 07.01.03 and the phrase "requesting department" was aligned with the definition of "reservation office" in MAPP 09.03.01. These changes were proposed by the Department of Public Safety.

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