MAPP Status
The following information is a status of MAPPs currently in review/approval cycle as of Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2018, without receiving approval from the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and/or the UH President.
MAPP Name and Number
Fiscal Year
MAPP 01.01.02 - University Coordinating Commission
Quarter 3,
Fiscal Year 2016;
Quarter 2,
Fiscal Year 2018
Status: Review Cycle in Work (Faculty Senate).
MAPP 01.01.02 was submitted on 02/08/2016 for the Quarter 3, FY 2016 review cycle. Questions from General Counsel pending answers. Resubmitted 10/27/2017; review cycle in work (Qtr 2, FY 2018).
MAPP 02.03.07 - Sponsorship for Permanent Residence
(New MAPP)
Quarter 1,
Fiscal Year 2016
Status: Questions from UCC (Human Resources). ON HOLD
New MAPP 02.03.07 was submitted on 04/22/2015 for the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle. Questions from UCC submitted on 11/09/2015. Answers from SME pending.
MAPP 03.02.02 - Campus Mail Services
Quarter 3,
Fiscal Year 2017
Status: Additional Redlines in Work (Printing and Postal Services).
MAPP 03.02.02 was submitted on 01/31/2017 with extensive redlines (unifying two documents). Review cycle in work. Additional redlines being incorporated.
MAPP 03.04.01 - Development Solicitation
(New MAPP)
Quarter 1,
Fiscal Year 2016
Status: ON HOLD for Addditional Work With Deans (University Advancement).
New MAPP 03.04.01 was submitted on 04/22/2015 for the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle. Questions from Deans will be addressed by University Advancement; and revised policy will be in a next available review cycle.
MAPP 09.03.01 - Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities
Quarter 4,
Fiscal Year 2011;
Quarter 2,
Fiscal Year 2013;
Quarter 1,
Fiscal Year 2015
Status:ON HOLD (Waiting for Additional Input) (University Services/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs).
MAPP was originally submitted to Executive Review on 12/16/2011. Sent to the AVP for Administration on 06/25/2012 for approval. After new information added by Auxiliary Services on 07/23/2012, a new review cycle was decided upon on 07/30/2012. Additional redlines were added by Risk Management and General Counsel after review cycle was completed. New review cycle completed in Quarter 1, FY 2015. Currently on hold, waiting for additional input.

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