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In an effort to more personally address customer concerns and compliments, UH Dining Services has installed We Heard You comment boards in both of the residential dining locations.

UH Dining management staff will take comments out of the comment boxes near the registers each day and respond to the notes, whether good or bad. Afterward, both the comments and responses will be posted on the We Heard You boards for other customers to review.

In the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers there is one board on either side of the dish return. In the Real Food on Campus at Oberholtzer Hall the board is located near the main entrance.

UH Dining Services posted the boards to help share the answers to frequently asked questions and show how management is working to address customer experiences.

“We really think that this board will help us reach a new level of communication with the UH community,” said Tony Urso, district manager with UH Dining Services. “It is our hope that the board will create a two-way dialogue between us and our customers and allow us to publicly answer questions that may be on many people’s minds.”

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