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Always remain on alert for flooding

By Valarie Smith Always remain on alert for flooding

Flooding is often a concern in the Houston area, and can happen in any season due to a heavy rainfall event. Hurricane Harvey shows just how much rain one storm can bring, and how widespread the destruction can be.

In any flood, it is important to stay informed about roadway conditions through local media or Houston TranStar in case of roadway closures due to high water. Most importantly, never attempt to drive through flooded roadways. Always remember, “Turn around, don’t drown.”

Anyone who encounters an area of high water on the University of Houston campus is asked to call 713-743-3333 to report it. For UH emergency information, go to the UH ALERT website. Visit the website for more information on flood safety.

September is National Preparedness Month. Every week this month, the UH Office of Emergency Management has provided important information and tips to the UH community.