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Outdoor sirens help warn campus community

By Valarie Smith Outdoor sirens help warn campus community

The University of Houston Outdoor Warning Siren System is designed to alert students, faculty, staff and visitors in the event of an emergency where it is unsafe to be outdoors.

The system is activated by the University and provides a quick method of notifying the entire campus with an audible tone that can be heard outdoors. It is meant to alert everyone to seek shelter indoors.

During an emergency, the siren system is used in conjunction with the UH ALERT emergency notification system, which includes other communication channels like text, email, the UH ALERT website, social media channels, digital signage and the UH Redline mobile app.

For more information and to view FAQs, visit the UH Outdoor Warning Siren System website. The UH community may also print out and post the Siren Awareness poster in their buildings.