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Voice of Consumer program continues

By Kimberly Cooper

Voice of Consumer program continues

University of Houston Dining Services continues the Voice of Consumer program, allowing customers to give on-the-spot feedback about their dining experience.

The survey allows customers to give real-time feedback about their experience while dining at any location on campus. The program gathers information from customers such as overall satisfaction and the level of service received.

“Our team utilizes the customer feedback to enhance customer service and recognize superior service,” said Emily Fahner, UH Dining marketing manager.

With customer feedback, the program also recognizes UH Dining employees who perform outstanding customer service.

“Customers can also give us their feedback about a UH Dining employee who has demonstrated outstanding customer service,” Fahner said. “Our goal is to encourage customers to use the survey each time they dine with us so we can continuously improve our program.”

Guests can locate a survey card with the survey link at any location near the registers or on the UH Dining website.

To learn more about the voice of consumer program, visit