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Keeping Campus Address Information Current in PeopleSoft

If you are opening a new department, relocating your department or wondering why your employee’s mail is never delivered to the correct location, these new procedures will help you in all of these scenarios.

UH Postal Services and Human Resources have worked together to develop new written procedures that will address each of these situations. In the past, obtaining a new campus address and mailcode were always done at the end of the paperwork process. So when forms were completed to add position numbers to PeopleSoft, the main department address and mailcode were always chosen because the new information had not been recorded in PeopleSoft.

The new processes arrive at a good time, as we transition toward a new on-line telephone directory. This will ensure that individuals have the correct address and mailcode associated with their names.

The three new procedures are located on the UH Postal website. Please review the new procedures by clicking on Each time an individual requests a new department address or lets UH Postal Services know that their location is changing, they will be directed to the appropriate procedure to ensure that all of the correct paperwork is completed for updates in PeopleSoft. If staff members have transferred from other departments, business administrators may want to review the process for updating location/mailcodes in PeopleSoft.

All questions concerning the new procedures may be directed to either Sally J. Rowland-Ketley at 713-743-5824 or Alicia Colbert at 713-743-4227.