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Stephanie Carpenter has been working for the University of Houston for only 9 months and already has found her way as an environmentally conscientious success. When Stephanie came to the University of Houston Department of Public Safety we at the department had no idea what an impact she would have on us all.

Her impetus as our Green Hero began as a volunteer for the Commuter Fair this past January. She gave up her time and her warm office to help the campus community with their commuting needs and questions. A few weeks later she stepped up to help out in the dining halls with the Clean Plate Club, encouraging students to consume everything on their plates. She also participated in the Sustainability Educational Tables and Earth Day events around campus - once again educating the campus

Her campus wide claim to fame was during the Recyclemania Olympics for students this past March. Her hard work landed the Department of Public Safety in second place in the Recyclemania contest for the departments. She spent many hours recycling in hopes that we all would benefit from her hard work. She shared her reward, which happened to be an ice cream party, with the entire department. Stephanie wanted to keep the recycling momentum going for the Department of Public Safety. She ordered additional recycling bins and continues to educate the department every day. Stephanie has momentum and generates excitement as she goes green. She works hard to represent the Department of Public Safety and we are grateful to have her on our team.

And just when you think she’s done enough, Stephanie is already gearing up for the university’s Green day on Oct 23rd. You will certainly see her there.