Commuter club's popularity rising among staff, faculty at UH
Membership in the University of Houston Commuter Club has continued to climb over the past year, with more than 200 people now signed up.

The program, which was started two years ago by Parking and Transportation Services, is open to full-time faculty and staff members who do not work night shifts. Members must give up their UH parking pass in order to join. In return, the university pays 25 percent of the cost for members to ride Metro buses and light rail using a Metro Q Card.

"This program is wonderful on many levels, one of which is members don't have to worry about traffic or parking on campus, which allows them to arrive at work relatively stress-free in the morning," said Robert Browand, director of Parking and Transportation Services. "In addition, it helps to reduce congestion, both on the freeways and on campus. It's also helping to free up more parking spaces."

Members save money several ways. First, they spend less on gasoline because they are driving less. Second, they don't have to pay for a UH parking pass. Third, they put less wear and tear on their vehicles, so needed repairs are less frequent.

The club also offers other alternative transportation options, including carpools, vanpools, bicycling and even walking. Members receive 12 days of free parking passes annually for those times they need to drive to campus.

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