UIT encourages shared responsibility for Internet security
October is the 10th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is about everyone doing their part to make sure our online lives are kept safe and secure.

The University of Houston is a champion for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance, is sponsored annually by the Department of Homeland Security and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center. The theme for this year is "Our Shared Responsibility." No one individual, business or government entity is responsible for securing cyberspace. Everyone has a role. That's why the organization teaches that a simple action for everyone to use to stay safer and more secure online is to Stop. Think. Connect.

During October, the UIT Security team encourages UH faculty, staff and students to take steps to be safe and secure online, both on campus and at home. UIT Security will be unveiling an updated website at www.uh.edu/infotech/security that will highlight helpful tips to stay ahead of security issues such as phishing, identity theft and malware. Information regarding other security issues such as legal downloading and good password management practices will also be available.

To help encourage users to think about security, UIT Security is providing daily tips on Facebook (UHIT) and Twitter (@UHIT). UIT Security will also host a personal shredding day later this month for faculty, staff and students to securely shred personal documents. Details regarding this event will be posted at www.uh.edu/infotech/security.

UIT Security staff is available to attend campus meetings to give a presentation or have a discussion about security issues. Email awareness@uh.edu to schedule a representative.