Interior signs to serve as pilot for new design guidelines
New directory signs installed within Engineering buildings 1 and 2 will serve as the pilot for new interior signage design guidelines for the university.

There are 26 such signs within the two buildings. These temporary signs are mounted paper mock-ups of the actual signs and are up for the engineering community to provide feedback and comments. During the winter break, aluminum and vinyl permanent signs will replace them.

In June, the Cullen College of Engineering commissioned designLAB, a research and planning entity within the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, to design the new signs. The designLAB team, composed of architecture faculty, architecture alumni and a graphic designer, has been working with a committee of faculty and staff in the engineering college to develop them.

The signs will serve as the pilot for new interior signage design guidelines and has been presented to the Campus Facilities Planning Committee, and to leadership in Facilities Planning and Construction. The main directories are approximately 24 inches by 39 inches and are in locations near the main elevators and entrances of the two buildings. The departmental directories are 24 inches by 24 inches.

The designLAB team that worked on this project includes designLAB Director and Dean Patricia Belton Oliver, Patrick Peters, Michael Kilpatrick and Craig Minor of Minor Design.