Who knew stopping for a quick, refreshing drink could be so much fun? The University of Houston is now home to two of the most innovative Coca-Cola vending machines located at the University Center and Philip Guthrie Hall. Each machine gives its customers an interactive experience using sight, sound, touch and motion as they make their drink selection.

The new interactive machines still carry all your favorite Coca-Cola products but has enhanced the transaction process by using cutting-edge technology. Customers can check out their options on a 46-inch touch screen door that allows them to scroll through selections or spin the product images to show its ingredients and information. At the top of the screen, videos will showcase Coca-Cola promotions and even customized pictures of the university. If the customer sticks around for a minute, they can even test their skills at one of the interactive games or browse applications and promotions.

The two machines were installed during the first week of school and will accept cash or credit cards. The Coca-Cola interactive vending machines are Energy Star certified as well to support our green mission. The screen will dim during low traffic times to save energy when not in use.

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