Students with special diets can now get healthy snacks on the go at the new vending machine in MD Anderson Library. The 2bU interactive vending machine is stocked with wholesome snacks you normally can only find at premium grocery stores.

UH Vending Services installed the 2bU machine, a product from Canteen Vending, due to its wide selection of vegan, gluten-free, kosher, locally produced and organic snacks that fit a variety of diets and preferences. The selections in the machine will have more products with whole grain and all natural ingredients. None of the products will contain preservatives, trans-fats or artificial ingredients. Before students make their selection, they can even check out the product’s nutritional information on an interactive screen.

All the brands included in the machines were also selected based on their commitment to social causes. For example, Two Degrees nutrition bars give a nutrition pack to a hungry child for every bar purchased. The machine itself is also eco-friendly containing LED lighting, a motion sensor dimmer and a Tier II Energy Star rating.

Other brands carried in the machine are Larabar, Macrobar and Popchips. Students who purchase snacks from the 2bU vending machine can feel confident that they have made a responsible choice.

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