Wildfire Prevention Safety Tips

The Department of Public Safety would like to share a few wildfire prevention safety tips to the campus community. Humans contribute up to 90% of all wildfires. Please take a minute to review these prevention tips:

1. Do not leave safety chains loose and dragging on the roadside as they may spark.

2. Never leave campfires unattended.

3. While all but five counties in the state of Texas are under a burn ban, always be sure and obey all county burn bans. http://tfsfrp.tamu.edu/wildfires/DecBan.png

4. Remove combustible material from around your home or easily ignitable areas.

5. Keep lawn mowers and agricultural equipment in proper working condition and avoid rocks and other materials which might cause a spark.

6. Develop an evacuation plan with your co-workers, friends, family and neighbors.

7. Use extreme caution when cooking outdoors.