Tips on Staying Safe during the current wildfire situation

In the unfortunate event that you encounter a wildfire, we would like to offer some safety information.

To protect yourself from a wildfire, you should:
• Stay informed of all local burn bans and restrictions.
• Postpone any type of burning when conditions are dry or windy.
• Create “defensible space” around your property
• Have an evacuation plan

During an Air Quality Alert issued by the National Weather Service, protect yourself from the air pollution caused by smoke by:
• Remaining indoors and keeping windows and doors closed
• Do not exercise outdoors
• When driving your car in smoky areas, keep your windows and vents closed
• If outdoor exposure to smoky areas is necessary, breathe through a cloth to help filter out fine particles in the air.

For more information on wildfire safety please visit the National Fire Protection Association at to learn more about how to protect yourself and property from wildfires.