Residents of Cougar Village and Moody Towers are enjoying an added bonus this semester with the addition of micro- and mini- fridges in their rooms. A micro-fridge was installed in each Moody Towers room, and Cougar Village residents received a mini-fridge at the beginning of the semester.

Residents formerly brought their own refrigerators and microwaves for their rooms when they moved into the facilities. However, this year they received this extra amenity and convenience at no additional cost to them. Also, supplying these appliances in the rooms will reduce the amount of stress on the electrical system in both buildings.

The micro-fridges installed in Moody Towers are a combination appliance that includes a microwave oven plus a refrigerator with a separate freezer. The units have Safe Plug technology which prevents electrical circuits in the residence halls from overloading. Residents in Cougar Village received the same refrigerator unit minus the microwave. The refrigerators have a total volume of 2.9 cubic feet.

Many residents wish to have a refrigerator and microwave in their rooms in order to keep a few of their favorite snacks and drinks on hand. Seante Johnson, a resident assistant in Moody Towers and junior hotel restaurant management major, said she went to culinary school before coming to the University of Houston so she is particular about the food that she eats. She said having a small refrigerator in her room allows her to stock the foods she prefers.

“I love it. It makes it convenient to have food whenever I want it and I didn’t have to buy a fridge and microwave. And it fits everything,” said Johnson.

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