Increase your green IQ and get paid by entering the first ever “Who Wants to Be an (Eco-)Millionaire?” contest hosted by Green UH. Students from all colleges have a unique opportunity to study up on sustainability trivia and win cash and prizes.

“Who Wants to Be an (Eco-)Millionaire?” will put students’ sustainability knowledge to the test on October 18 from 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in the UC Houston Room. Contestants will compete to win a top cash prize of $1,000! Each contestant will be asked a maximum of 15 multiple choice questions about sustainability on campus, in general and related specifically to liberal arts and social sciences. The contestant will have 60 seconds to answer the question correctly before they can move on. Just as in the game show on television, prizes will depend on the level reached by the contestant. Also, contestants can enlist the help of three chosen friends who must also sign up prior to the contest.

To be eligible to compete, students must sign themselves and their “friends” up online. Guests are also welcome to order tickets online prior to the event or up until the evening of the contest.

Contestants will be chosen at random and called up onstage as the host puts them in the “hot seat” as the questions pop up on a projected screen. To add to the drama, music composed by a one of our very own UH students will be heard through the speakers.

For more information on “Who Wants to Be an (Eco-)Millionaire?”, click here for a list of prizes and game rules. Everyone is invited to come watch the fierce competition and learn about sustainability!