School of Theatre and Dance presents Zombie Prom


Interview With The Director

We sat down with Paul Hope, the director of Zombie Prom, and asked him a few questions.

Paul, how is directing Zombie Prom different from directing The Rocky Horror Show, which you directed here two years ago?
The difference between Zombie Prom and Rocky Horror is that Zombie Prom leaves little room for interpretation. I had a lot of leeway with Rocky Horror, from who the choristers' characters really were to changing the ending for Brad and Janet - giving the show an ending period, when it doesn't really have a resolution. I also pushed the envelope to make it titillating and sexy for today's audiences. Zombie Prom is a newer show and doesn't need a rethink. What is on the page goes on the stage. The show is a 1950's pulp horror comic come to life.

How will working in the very large Cullen Performance Hall effect your directing?
The size of the Cullen will call for a certain size to the acting choices which will have a commentative flavor since the show is a spoof anyway. There are certain prop designs in the script which won't read in that size theatre so we aren't doing them, i.e. writing on clothing or books.

How has it been working with the cast and crew so far?
I am very excited about this cast, who already sound marvelous, and I have a wonderful creative team. I'm in very good hands.

Don't Miss the
Enrico Fermi High School Prom!

Grab your powder blue tux and a date for a nuclear night of fun! Enrico Fermi High School is having a prom and you're invited! Come dressed as a zombie and dance the night away at the prom and participate in the costume contest, as well as learn the Thriller dance from a dance instructor! Don't spike the punch because Miss Strict will be enforcing the rules. The prom King and Queen will be crowned and your vote counts so bring the whole family for a wonderful night full of dancing and zombies!

When: Saturday, October 29

Where: Lynn Eusan Park on the University of Houston campus click here for a map.

8:00 P.M. - Prom Starts

9:15 P.M. - Flash Mob

9:30 P.M. - Thriller Dance

10:15 P.M. - Crown the Prom King and Queen

10:30 P.M. - Costume Contest

12:00 A.M - Zombie Prom Midnight Show!