The Cougar Card office has joined in on the campus’s green movement. To do their part in creating a more sustainable campus, the Cougar Card has upgraded its process to eliminate excess paper.

Starting this semester, UH students, faculty and staff can skip the hassle of filling out the carbon-copy forms in order to receive their Cougar Card ID. Instead, customers will go directly to the service station, give the customer service representative their myUH ID number and a photo ID, and the representative will then enter the information directly into the computer. The Cougar Card agreement can be signed electronically on the newly installed digital signature pads.

“Since we touch every member of the university (students, staff and faculty) it is important for us to set an example everyone can pursue,” said Elaine Hampton, Cougar Card supervisor. “Plus it saves hundreds of dollars when we do not have to get the forms printed or use manpower to scan them afterwards.”

Forms were also eliminated for lost card replacements and meal plan changes. The Cougar Card office has been working toward this transition throughout the summer. During summer new student conferences, they cut down on paper by around 75 percent using the new process. Hampton said the outlook is very promising to become totally paperless by summer 2012 orientations.

The new digital process in the Cougar Card office has not only eliminated unnecessary waste and saved money, but has also made the process much easier on the customer. All the customer needs to worry about now is smiling big for the camera.

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