Several lucky students have some extra money in their pockets this semester thanks to the Meal Plan and Barnes and Noble Textbook scholarships from Auxiliary Services. This fall semester, fifteen students were awarded the scholarships to pay for extra college expenses and relieve some of their financial stress.

UH students had the opportunity to apply for the auxiliary scholarships during the summer through a new online application process. Eligibility requirements also changed this semester to target academically-strong freshmen and transfer students as well as returning students. Recipients were selected by the University Scholarship Committee and received their awards in time for the start of the semester.

Four new or incoming students, two returning students and two transfer students received the Meal Plan scholarship which includes a Lifestyle 21 meal plan from UH Dining Services and ARAMARK. The Barnes and Noble Textbook Scholarship was awarded to four new or incoming students, four returning students and two transfer students. Each recipient received $400 to pay for books and supplies in the UH Bookstore. Three students received both scholarships this semester.

“ARAMARK’s number one goal has been and will always be about providing students fresh healthy meals, and along side of that is student advocacy and life style assistance. At ARAMARK we are happy to provide scholarships to UH students to help in the efforts of someone pursuing a higher education degree,” said Tony Urso, Resident District Manager for UH Dining Services.

Meal Plan Scholarship recipients were: Nykia Aldredge, Parsa Baktash, Loraine Wiley, Jacoby Wilkerson, Michelle Akpala, Ashley Coats, Akhil Karim, Alvaro Montano.

Barnes and Noble Textbook Scholarship recipients were: Haris Momin, Taylor Trimble, Loraine Wiley, Jacoby Wilkerson, Sarah Chesley, Ashley Coats, Nwakanma Okoro, Kindra Wood, Tori Speer-Manson, Brittaney Wilmore.

Here’s what some of our recipients had to say about the auxiliary scholarships:

“I received the 2011-2012 Barnes and Noble Textbook Scholarship. It has helped me tremendously. Textbooks are a huge expense and I'm always scrambling to get them (especially before the used ones are sold out!), but because of the scholarship, money for them did not have to come out of pocket. The scholarship allowed me to get the materials I needed on time so that I could stay on track with my classes and not have to fight issues like back ordering or books being out of stock. I feel so blessed to have received the 2011-2012 Barnes and Noble Textbook Scholarship and am really enjoying all of the opportunities the University of Houston has to offer transfer students like myself.” – Brittaney Wilmore, Transfer Excellence Scholar

“The textbook scholarship was easy to apply for and has saved me hundreds of dollars this semester. Not only can I buy textbooks at the UH Bookstore, but I can also buy school supplies, backpacks and other necessities! I am ecstatic to receive the scholarship. I believe a textbook scholarship is quite practical to offer students because you normally pay out of pocket all at once, rather than paying in payments like you do for tuition.” - Sarah Chesley, Dean’s List student

“The textbook scholarship is great. It really helped me save money and now I can use that on something else.” – Haris Momin, Academic Excellence Scholar

“I love the meal plan and textbook scholarship I received. It saved me money and stress.” – Jacoby Wilkerson, Academic Excellence Scholar

“I am now able to save a small chunk of the money I have left from working for textbooks and staying on campus next semester. Most importantly, I am able to focus much more on school and ultimately be a better student. I deeply appreciate UH Dining Services giving me and other students the opportunity to have a great college experience without being worried by the burden of having to find a way to pay for a meal plan.” - Parsa Baktash, Academic Excellence Scholar

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