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Human Resources Unveils the new ePerformance — Performance Management System

UH Human Resources rolled out the new ePerformance — Performance Management System in late August. This change was the result of two commitments made by the HR team. One was to develop a performance tool that would make it easier for managers to provide more consistent feedback to employees throughout the year. Second, this initiative was part of a university-wide strategy to reduce costs and eliminate the use of paper for the high- volume, recurring business activities.

One of the frequent concerns brought to the attention of HR is the lack of communication and feedback on performance issues provided by managers to employees. In reviewing and analyzing this issue one factor identified was providing a better tool that would guide managers to include responsibilities, goals, competencies and measurement criteria, while also making it more convenient to visit these items frequently throughout the evaluation period. While the ePerformance tool does not require frequent interactions between managers and employees we hope that the user-friendly method of performance management will provide an opportunity for managers and direct reports to have an on-going dialogue related to performance throughout the evaluation period.

The ePerformance — Performance Management System is an electronic method of performance management for benefits — eligible staff. The document follows workflow within PeopleSoft, therefore it is electronically routed until finalized and becomes part of the employee’s electronic personnel file. Beyond reducing the use of paper, this process also increases efficiency of transferring documents and maintaining records.

The University has gone through multiple performance management tools. The ePerformance tool differs from previous instruments in that is provides a way for the organization to communicate the mission and strategic initiatives to front line personnel. It also allows a special focus on Customer Service being delivered at all levels of the organization. The performance tool is pre-loaded with the employee’s specific responsibilities directly from their job description. By 2011, we will load competencies associated with each position. This will improve and enhance HR’s ability to deliver targeted training and development opportunities to managers and staff.

To learn more about ePerformance, click here.