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Review of Cougar Line Service

Student leaders and UH administrators will be riding the Cougar Line shuttles to listen to student needs and find ways to enhance the Cougar Line experience.

Several suggestions from the students include maps at all shuttle shelters, more defined shuttle stops in the parking lots and by buildings that are currently unmarked, changing the names of some of the routes to make them less confusing, and revisions to the service to help meet student demand at high-traffic locations. In addition to suggestions from the students, UH administrators heard from the Cougar Line drivers about feedback they receive every day from the students who ride the routes.

“The evaluation process of the Cougar Line will be ongoing,” said Emily Messa, assistant vice president for university services. “We’ve learned that as we build more buildings and change where people are parking, we change their habits and how they arrive at their buildings. As service providers, we need to be flexible to accommodate the changing community needs.”

All campus routes will be evaluated during the first part of October and based on information gathered, students and administrators will make decisions that enhance the shuttle service.

“We will be looking at all aspects of our services,” said Maria Honey, university services marketing manager. “We anticipate the shuttle evaluation and changes made as a result will take the rest of the fall semester in time to roll out in the spring.”

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