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Restrictions apply to P/T Card purchases using PayPal
Starting with the December billing cycle that began Nov. 4, the following restriction will apply to P/T Card purchases using PayPal:

PayPal must not be used unless the vendor only accepts PayPal as an online payment method. If PayPal payments are needed, cardholders must obtain the following documents to support the purchases:

  • Screen snapshot of the vendor website indicating that the vendor is only accepting PayPal payments

  • Itemized receipt issued by the vendor

  • Email from PayPal confirming the purchase

When the cardholders make purchases using PayPal, UH Accounts Payable, UH Departments, and CITI may not have access to directly contact the merchants for independent reviews. In order to establish proper internal controls, the above requirements have been added to the P-Card guidelines/MAPP 04.01.11 and the Travel Card guidelines/MAPP 04.02.05. PayPal purchases not in compliance with the above policy are considered “unauthorized transactions” and three of any unauthorized transactions noted will result in the card cancellation.

If you have any questions regarding P-Cards or Travel Cards, please contact the following AP staff:

Armand Villacorte (3-5660 or
Teresa McComb (3-8700 or

Travel Cards
Sandra Silva (3-5883 or
Edwin Rodas (3-8961 or