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Students awarded meal plan and textbook scholarships
Matt Bactad doesn’t worry about how he is going to pay for his meals as he goes through his freshman year at the University of Houston.

That’s because he is one of 11 students who were awarded a Meal Plan scholarship, which provides a Lifestyle 21 meal plan from UH Dining Services and ARAMARK for both the fall and spring semesters.

“The Meal Plan scholarship helps me out incredibly in that I don’t need to worry about where and how I would get breakfast, lunch or dinner,” said Bactad, who is pursuing a pre-pharmacy degree.

Geoffrey Herbert, resident district manager for UH Dining Services, said the intent in offering the Meal Plan scholarships is to align with President Renu Khator’s goal of making education at UH affordable to all and to help put the true college experience within reach.

“We understand that having a meal plan removes a certain level of stress in a student’s life and offers them a place to not only eat, but study and interact with other students,” he said.

Another seven students received the Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship, which provides them $400 for the fall and another $400 for the spring to pay for books and supplies in the UH Bookstore. Bactad also received this scholarship.

“The Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship saves me time and money, both of which are valuable to a full-time student like myself,” he said. “I find the bookstore to have everything a student needs to be successful, and with the money awarded to me, I get my materials such as textbooks, binders and pencils conveniently with the peace of mind that I save hundreds of dollars.”

Meal Plan Scholarship recipients include: James Annis, Matt Bactad, Ashley Coates, Sarah Headrick, Trung Le, Oscar Leija, Timothy McClellan, Robynne Monsevalles, Ha Nguyen, Martir Ramos and Paige Savage. The scholarship was awarded to four new/incoming students, four returning students and three transfer students.

Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship recipients are: Matt Bactad, Oscar Leija, Robynne Monsevalles, Shaoli Bhadra, Trung Le, Ha Nguyen and Hannah DeRousselle. The scholarship was awarded to three new/incoming students, three returning students and one transfer student.