As the UH Policies and Procedures World Turns…

SAM and MAPP Listservs on the UH Policies and Procedures Web Site

After the Policies and Procedures web site was redesigned earlier this year, the MAPP and SAM Listserv options were temporarily disabled. However, the Listservs have now been reactivated and are ready for users to sign up for MAPP and SAM updates.

Both the MAPP and SAM Listservs give users updates of Campus Review documents, procedure rescissions, and approval notices. It is very important for our documentation to receive as much input as possible, so joining these Listservs would be an excellent way for users to participate in reviews and receive important updates.

The Listserv links are located on the right side of the Policies and Procedures web site, under “Contact Us.” Please click the applicable link (MAPP Listserv for UH Main Campus procedures, SAM Listserv for UH System procedures) to join.

Register to Receive Updates

Updates to the SAM will no longer be distributed widely in print. Instead, we will notify you directly when changes are made. Please take a moment and register to receive update notifications.