Eco-conscious commuters can skip the pumps altogether, and simply unplug and go with the new Nissan Leaf. A troupe of the new model of the 100% electric car made a stop at UH during Nissan Leaf’s Drive Electric Tour. Students, faculty and staff took the cars for a test drive and heard about the innovative technology that is making driving less harmful to the earth.

The Nissan Leaf is an alternative automobile with no tailpipe and no emissions to reduce effects on the environment. Each model has a 600 pound battery containing 24 kwh that powers the vehicle. A fully charged battery can run for an average of 100 miles. Distances depend on use of air conditioner/heater for climate control, speeds driven, driving style and cargo and topography.

During the test drive, drivers were given quick instructions on the vehicle controls and capabilities. Each model has a monitor where the driver can view the amount of energy and view a map to see their traveling radius. When the driver turns on the air conditioner or makes other adjustments, the amount of miles displayed will adjust automatically.

UH plans to include around 10 car charging stations in the new stadium parking garage due for completion by summer 2012. UH Parking and Transportation is also currently exploring the demand for an electric vehicle as part of the Hertz on Demand car sharing program and looks forward to providing the green commuting options that the campus desires.

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