UH students put themselves in the “hot seat” for the first ‘Who Wants to Be An Eco-Millionaire?’ game show hosted by Green UH on October 18, 2011. Each contestant did their best to answer sustainability trivia to work their way up to a grand prize of $1,000.

Green UH transformed the multipurpose room in Oberholtzer Hall into a game show set for the Tuesday evening competition. The game show host, Leah Wolfthal a.k.a. Program Coordinator for Sustainability, drew out names of contestants at random and called them up on stage to take their turn at winning prizes. Each contestant did their best to work their way through 15 questions in order to win the coveted grand prize.

Wolfthal presented the question and answer choices on a screen designed to resemble the actual television game show graphics. Difficulty of the questions increased as the contestant moved on to the next level. The value of prizes also increased with each level. The topics covered trivia regarding sustainable programs on campus, such as Hertz on Demand car sharing program or the Community Learning Agricultural Sustainability Program (C.L.A.S.P.), to trivia about broader topics such as global programs or energy conservation.

For the first edition of ‘Who Wants to Be An Eco-Millionaire?’, 11 contestants took their chances at winning the cash prize. Each one was allowed three “friends” to ask to for help if they didn’t know the answer to the question. However, only 2 contestants made it to the eighth question, the furthest of all contestants. Carlos Lozano, an entrepreneurship freshman, and William Pham, a kinesiology junior, tied for the top spot.

But students will have another chance to test their green IQ and win the grand prize! The next edition of ‘Who Wants to Be An Eco-Millionaire?’ is in the works and is currently planned to take place at the end of November 2011. Green UH is currently reaching out to Bauer groups and other student organizations who may be interested in participating in the next edition which will have business-focused questions on sustainability.

For more information on the next edition of ‘Who Wants to Be An Eco-Millionaire?’ or Green UH, visit www.uh.edu/green.