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Environmental Health and Safety undergoes name change
Some changes have transpired since Joe Tremont accepted the position of interim director of Environmental Health & Safety last November. As the interim director, he has completed the following initiatives:

  • Combine the Fire Marshal Unit and the Environmental Health and Safety Unit as one bureau under the Department of Public Safety. These units now report to the Environmental Health & Safety interim director.
  • Move the Fire Marshal unit out of the police building and into the General Services Building with the Environmental Health and Safety unit. The new address is 4211 Elgin, Room 183 (Bay 17).
  • Review the department’s name and determine if a more appropriate name is needed for the bureau since the structure has changed some. After much consideration and with approval from Assistant Vice President Malcolm Davis and Executive Vice President Carl Carlucci, the bureau’s new name is now Environmental Health & Life Safety (EHLS).

The new name was chosen because of the responsibilities that EHLS manages. The primary responsibilities are listed below, along with a brief description and the manager’s name associated with the position:

  • Chemical Safety and Environmental, Emmett Sullivan, manager
    Sullivan is responsible for all the chemical labs on campus, environmental compliance, haz-waste, occupational safety and asbestos related matters.
  • Biological Safety, Lisa Benford, manager
    Benford is responsible for all the labs on campus that contain Biological agents and for the animal care areas of campus.
  • Radiation Safety, Otu Inyang, manager
    Inyang is responsible for all labs that contain radioactive material, X-ray machines, lasers and large magnetics.
  • Food Safety, Sondra Davis, specialist
    Davis is responsible for all food served on campus. This includes all the Aramark dining halls, catered events and temporary food dealers’ permits. Anything dealing with food, she has it.
  • Fire Marshal’s Office, Chris McDonald, interim fire marshal
    The fire marshals are responsible for pre-existing building inspections, new building construction and renovated spaces, permits and life safety for UH, etc.

All of the positions associated with this bureau have to do with life safety. They are on campus and ready to help out wherever needed. Do not hesitate to contact any of the EHLS managers should you have any questions or need any assistance.