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P-Card and Travel Card application process change
Effective May 1, UH changed the process for P-Card and Travel applications to be faster and more efficient. These changes were reviewed by the College/Division Administrators.

The new process is as follows:
  • Department faxes “Authorization for Criminal History Investigation” form to HR (check appropriate box for P/T Card)
  • HR emails results of background check to department
  • If OK to issue P/T Card, department forwards HR’s email to P/T Card Program Coordinator in AP with P/T Card application attached (AP does not need original application)
  • AP enters request in Citibank system to request credit card
  • If a background check was already performed in the past six months, another background check is not needed. The department forwards HR’s email with the previous background check results to AP along with P/T Card application.

Human Resources has modified the “Authorization for Criminal History Investigation” form to reflect the new process. Please download the new form here.

Accounts Payable has modified the P-Card and Travel Card Guidelines and the P/T Card applications to reflect the new process too. Links to the guidelines and applications are at: and

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