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UH’s first solar array is now on and running, producing clean energy for the Central Plant. The panels will eventually take the office space of the plant offline and save the university thousands in electricity costs over the array’s lifetime.

After unexpected delays due to the overall construction on the plant, the panels and meters began running on April 9. The system was designed to produce 20 kilowatts DC or approximately 16-17 kilowatts AC. Savings are expected to be approximately $.075 per kilowatt hour. Plant Operations’ electrical and controls team will oversee the daily activity and maintenance of the solar panels.

The university installed 88 large photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the Central Power Plant which covers 2,000 square feet. The panels will convert sunlight into electricity to reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs. The panels will also serve as a tool to educate students on the benefits of clean energy and sustainable living.

Green Mountain Energy Company donated $140,000 to the university in April 2011 to fund the solar array. The university’s private dining room in the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers has been designated the “Green Mountain Energy Company Private Dining Room” as part of this partnership.

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