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Time & Labor Tips for Approvers

Donít forget to assign monthly new hires or transfers into your department to their new time approver and payroll approver in time & labor. The maintenance screens in time & labor allow monthly employees to be added, deleted, or transferred between time approvers and payroll approvers.

If a time approver or payroll approver leaves the university or transfers to another department, the time reporters, or monthly employees, assigned to these approvers need to be reassigned to another approver. The first step is to transfer the approverís time reporters to another approver on the maintenance screens in time & labor. Secondly, the department should notify the HRMS Office to reassign or deactivate the approverís time & labor group ID and delete the time & labor security role(s) for the terminating or transferring approver.

Below is the navigation in PeopleSoft HRMS to the Time & Labor Maintenance screens:

    Manager Self Service > Time Management > Maintain Time Approvers

    Manager Self Service > Time Management > Maintain Payroll Approvers
If you have any questions regarding Time and Labor maintenance and security, please contact Sandra Armstrong at X3-9162.