Employee Focus


ePAR Updates

Public Access
Page two of the Personal Data Sheet records the employee’s choice regarding public access to their home address, home telephone number, social security number and family information. The Waive Public Access box in ePAR tracks the public access choice in PeopleSoft.

• If the box is checked, that means allow Public Access and disclose all of this information.
• If the box is not checked, that means do not allow Public Access and hide all of this information.

ePAR Comments
Special attention should be paid to comments submitted in an ePAR. Comments serve many functions, including providing information, noting what has been changed and instructions for the next user or approver.

All portions of the ePAR become part of the employee’s official personnel file. The comments, once saved, can never be deleted. Do not put personal or medical information in the ePAR. If in doubt regarding the necessity of the information, err on the side of caution. Also, please make use of the spell check function.

HR regularly provides instructions and essential information in the comments of Recycled and Approved ePARs. When an ePAR is Recycled, instructions for correcting the ePAR are always included in the comments. These comments provide valuable information that initiators and other approvers should use when processing this document. Comments from HR in Approved ePARs help initiators with processing future documents.