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DPS supports the March for Babies

DPS supports the March for Babies

The UH Department of Public Safety is proud to be associated with the Division of Administration and Finance in the March for Babies campaign.

DPS staff looks forward to raising funds for this campaign each year. During March and April, DPS and the A&F division will be busy with bake sales, selling candy and popcorn, and other initiatives.

"If every person would donate a minimum of $1, just imagine how far that could go in helping the March for Babies' mission," said Sharon Chavez, a DPS staff member helping to organize the fundraising campaign. "By volunteering or making a donation, you can help prevent premature birth and birth defects, and improve the health of moms and babies."

The university continues to move higher in the ranks as a contributor for the March for Babies in the Houston area. In 2012 UH was ranked 23rd. With some extra initiatives in 2013, UH moved up to 20th by donating $35,727 to the campaign. The A&F division contributed $5,330, making it the highest contributor on campus.

For cash or check contributions through DPS, contact Cindy Granier, Cydney Rax, Sharon Chavez or other DPS staff member. To register to walk for the March for Babies or to donate using a personal credit card, go to:

"We thank everyone in advance for their help with this very important campaign," said Chavez.