Security officer at ERP honored for her service to university
Security Officer Gladys Korenek was recognized at the UH Police badge pinning ceremony on Feb. 27 for her dedication to the university and the Energy Research Park.

It was apparent how well-liked and appreciated Korenek is when so many staff members came to honor her during this ceremony. Staff members from Accounting, Auditing and other departments at ERP and the main campus attended.

Korenek has been actively securing the ERP location more than 40 years. In 2009, when the university began its renovation operations at ERP, the security company in which she worked for ended its contract. After receiving several positive recommendations, Korenek was hired at the UH Police Department on Oct. 5, 2009.

On Feb. 27, in recognition of her dedication to her position, the university and ERP, Police Chief Ceaser Moore awarded her a University of Houston Police challenge coin, which depicts the UH Police Departmentís core values of effort and respect.