Anti-Crime Team receives special recognition
On Sept.19, four people robbed a UH student at gunpoint. Within a week, the departmentís Anti-Crime Team had identified video footage of the suspect vehicle, and within two weeks, the team had obtained video footage of the suspects using the victimís credit cards at local stores.

After interviewing a clerk who accepted one of the credit cards, the team identified the first suspect. Once the team identified the first suspect, they easily identified the remaining three, thanks to social media accounts, the Internet, and excellent interrogation and investigation skills.

The clerk also was arrested for knowingly accepting the victimís stolen credit card. After identifying the suspects, the team created a photo lineup and presented it to the victim. Within 12 days after the robbery occurred, arrest warrants were obtained and the last of the four suspects was arrested. Collectively, the team worked nearly 400 hours on this case.

In order for any law enforcement agency to be successful, it must be proficient in two areas: prevention and apprehension. Lt. Walter Lucas, Sgt. Paul Mauro, Sgt. LaTorsha Batts and Officer Isaac Barnett clearly showed their proficiency in apprehending the robbery suspects in such a timely manner and, in turn, prevented further robberies from occurring.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, in recognition of their efforts, Police Chief Ceasre Moore awarded each of them a University of Houston Police challenge coin, which depicts the UH Police Departmentís core values of effort and respect.