Special recognition given to Sgt. Diego Tristan
This past Halloween, an employee of the UH campus in Sugar Land received a bomb threat. The threat did not refer to a specific building on the Sugar Land campus. As the shift commander, Sgt. Diego Tristan at the UH Police Department, main campus, received the notification and without delay made the command decision to immediately evacuate the buildings at the Sugar Land campus.

His order was given to the on-site security officers, who in turn utilized each building’s fire alarm system to initiate the evacuations. Tristan immediately made the appropriate administrative notifications and traveled to the Sugar Land campus to assist. All campus buildings were inspected and cleared by police officers with the city of Sugar Land and more than 500 students, faculty and staff were allowed to return to their classrooms.

Because of the quick and sound decision Tristan exhibited, the entire incident, from the time UHPD received the call to the time the buildings were cleared, took just 68 minutes. With minimal disruption, he ensured the safety of all individuals on campus and handled the incident in a proficient and efficient manner.

The UH Police Department is proud to recognize Tristan who has been a veteran of UHPD for more than 15 years. On Feb. 27, in recognition of his efforts, Police Chief Ceaser Moore awarded him a University of Houston Police challenge coin, which depicts the UH Police Department’s core values of effort and respect.