RoomSync gives new residents tool to find compatible roommates
A new tool now gives University of Houston students an easy and fun way to find a compatible roommate when signing up to live on campus.

RoomSync is a roommate-matching program that works using Facebook accounts. It is being used for the first time by UH Student Housing and Residential Life for the fall semester.

“RoomSync is a wonderful tool for students to have in that it will allow them to search for and find compatible roommates,” said Don Yackley, executive director of Student Housing and Residential Life.

Here’s how it works:
• After a student applies for housing by using the Student Housing Passport online system, an email will be sent to them containing a link to join the RoomSync group for UH.

• After clicking on the email link, students are taken to the RoomSync application page. If not logged onto Facebook, students will need to enter the email address associated with their Facebook page.

• Students are asked to enter their lifestyle preferences and ideal roommate information, then follow a series of prompts that allows them to start searching for a roommate.

Once students are matched with a roommate, one of them will need to select a room in one of the residential facilities through Student Housing Passport. Only students who have a matched roommate are allowed to select rooms through May 31.

Only first-time residents are eligible to use the service right now, but plans are for it to be extended to existing residents the following year.

RoomSync is expected to be embraced by UH students seeking to make the most of their college experience by living on campus.

“RoomSync’s technology is allowing our residents to have a proactive role in determining who they will live with for the upcoming academic year,” Yackley said. “Greater roommate compatibility will be the end result. It’s very exciting.”

Find out more information about RoomSyc on the Frequently Asked Questions page.