By meeting textbook ordering deadline, faculty helping students
Auxiliary Services, with the support of the Office of the Provost, is encouraging all faculty members to submit their summer and fall textbook orders to the UH Bookstore by March 22.

Meeting this deadline helps University of Houston students in many ways:

    • By knowing if a textbook will be used again next semester, the UH Bookstore can offer current students higher buy-back prices.

    • It also gives the bookstore more time to shop around and find the best prices and options for used, rental and digital textbooks. Before enrolling in summer and fall classes, students will be able to access textbook pricing information for their courses, giving them more time to prepare for their financial responsibility to UH.

    • Students can use their financial aid, book loan or scholarship funds on textbook purchases at the UH Bookstore, whereas they may not be able to do so at other stores. The bookstore supports UH students with textbook scholarships awarded each term, and it is the university’s designated provider for textbooks.

By submitting their orders early, faculty members are also ensuring that UH is complying with Texas House Bill 33 and the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Faculty members have five simple and convenient ways to submit book requests:

Online – This is the fastest and easiest way to submit book requests. Go to the bookstore’s website at and select the faculty tab.

Email – Send your book requests to

Phone – Call in the requests at 713-748-0923.

Fax: Fax your requests to 713-748-8697 or 713-748-8719.

In person: Requests can be dropped off at the bookstore, or a bookstore representative can come by and pick it up.