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Stay Green and Donate

With RecycleMania in full swing, the Department of Public Safety has found that they participate in outstanding recycle practices all year long. The top recycler in the Department of Public Safety, Stephanie Carpenter, has been hard at work to make as many donations as the law will allow.

Patrick Lollie, Lieutenant over the Lost and Found area, has encouraged Mrs. Carpenter to make every effort to find the owners of lost and found items. But if all efforts fail, a donation to a charitable organization is made. Last week Mrs. Carpenter donated 16 cell phones to AT&T for the Cell Phones for Soldiers program; 40 pairs of glasses, 10 cases and 22 pairs of sunglasses to the College of Optometry; 12 calculators to the Math Department; and a knee brace, walking cane and medical kit to the Center for Students with Disabilities.

I feel honored to be able to donate and contribute to the community on that level. I dont think I can articulate enough or describe the feelings that I have when I tell them that I am donating these items to their cause. This will leave a positive lifelong imprint on me, commented Mrs. Carpenter.

She is very passionate about recycling and giving back to the community. Working in Lost and Found has been a blessing for her and she wishes she could give like that every day. Not only is it part of her job, she even said, it was a lot of fun! Cougar Green Spirit is all over the Department of Public Safety.

The Department of Public Safety is very lucky to have such an energetic person such as Mrs. Carpenter in our department. We can recycle and donate all at the same time.