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P/T Card Transition from JPMC to Citibank

The State Comptrollerís Office has extended the P/T Card contract with JPMC until August 31, 2011. State agencies are required to complete the conversion by the new due date. See the following information concerning the transition period:

Central Billed P-Cards and Travel Cards (i.e., Local P-Cards, State P-Cards, Local Dept Travel Cards, Local Individual Travel Cards, and State Dept Travel Cards)

    Cardholders for all central billed P-Cards and Travel Cards can continue using the current JPMC cards until further notice by Accounts Payable. Currently, we are waiting on Citibank to provide the proper on-line system accesses and the program setups. Accounts Payable is planning to initiate the program conversion as soon as Citibank completes the program setup in the new bank system and provides the proper on-line accesses to us.

    Any new accounts (new cards) for the central billed programs will be opened with JPMC for the time being. Accounts Payable will manually transfer these accounts to Citibank when the Citibank system is ready.

    Cardholders/departments should make sure that all previous SDOL Expense Reports have been generated and uploaded to the finance system. It should be noted that our SDOL access may be discontinued anytime after August 31, 2011.
Individual Billed Corporate Travel Cards (Cardholders receive bills and are responsible for payments)
    As indicated in our previous e-mail dated 01/31/11, all individual billed corporate travel cards were expired as of 02/28/11. Cardholders who wish to continue having a corporate travel card must complete and forward a new Citibank application ( and Corporate Card Use Agreement (MAPP 04.02.01C) to Accounts Payable.
Please contact Sandra Silva (Travel Cards: or 3-5883) or Armand Villacorte (P-Cards: or 3-5660) if you have any questions or need additional information.