Hilton College students are tackling a green commuting challenge this semester thanks to collaboration between the college and Green UH. In the course HRMA 4353 Leadership in the Hospitality Industry, the class is working on an education campaign to persuade Hilton College students to become green commuters and reduce carbon emissions caused by traveling to campus.

The HRMA 4353 course taught by Liza Jascolt is described as a “course on supervision and leadership theory and practice in the hospitality industry.” For the green commuting project, students are working in groups of four to research, design and test their educational campaign to attempt to convince other students and colleagues to adopt a new behavior.

“I want them to be aware of environmental programs that may benefit their future employees. I want them to learn how to come up with an idea, test it out, fine tune it and then successfully implement it,” Jascolt said.

Jascolt has been involved with Green UH since June 2010 when she started up the HRM Green Team at the Hilton College. She contacted Green UH and teamed up this semester with Leah Wolfthal, UH’s Program Coordinator for Sustainability, to discuss ideas for her final project that would incorporate sustainability.

“It’s a good fit because implementing sustainable programs is part of being a good leader,” said Liza Jascolt, professor for the Hilton College.

Wolfthal presented her challenge to the students during a scheduled class and provided specifics for each step of the process. The students’ first task was to present a draft of their educational program design backed up by research on Feb. 24. Next, the students will prepare and implement their program design and present their analysis and recommendations on April 27. The final portion of the project will be a written final report and presentation to a panel including Wolfthal, Jascolt and other sustainable leaders during finals week.

“This is a great way for Hilton College students to practice sustainability leadership as it relates to their future careers – identifying what they want the world to look like, identifying a concrete, manageable stop to take in that direction and evaluating results,” Wolfthal said.

For more information on Green UH and sustainable programs on campus, visit www.uh.edu/green.